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Thursday, 2 February 2012

My daughter is the Best

She is Great
She is a phenomenon
she is the survivor
she is the strength of me
who is she?
She is my daughter!!!!
She is very soft at the same time she is very Strong
She is not judgemental
she will never advocate things to others
she is simple
she is obedient
she will speak out her mind clearly
at the same time
she will respect our opinion(parents, and her favourite younger sister)also
she is practical and she is focused
she tries to make her life simpler  so as to achieve her goal easily
she is ambitious and is patient
she is very playful and loves all sorts of sports
she is the admirer as well as she is a performer of all reasonable sports( right from badminton to climbing tree)
she is full of bubbling youth and childish
her goal is very simple and achievable
what is that???
being  happy go lucky girl,
you will and you are
Aishwarya , our Apple of the eye.

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