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Friday, 10 August 2012


 Comparison of flash mob with discourses:

Actually there are not many similarities between these two. but somehow when I   watch divine discourses it reminds me of flash mob. Hence this blog..........

My daughter told me about the flash mob that is being practiced in western countries for promoting products . It has become a high fashion now to do this way of business promotional activities.

What is flash mob:
It is actually a group action performed in a given venue which is generally crowded. The players will perform an action ( a dance step) and the public will follow suit suddenly from different corner of the crowd, at a time, out of  the blue, as if a sudden break out of an action, spontaneously.
The sudden unexpected dance movements from the public will make an attraction to the given crowd. and before you could think of that, the performers will vanish.
The whole idea will be like a flash.

Here in a discourse (for example ,in a recent spiritual bajan byVittal Maharaj, at Chennai ) the general public would start performing an action voluntarily  without practice followed by one by one in the crowd and at one point of time we can see the whole auditorium( about more than 600 members) doing different kinds of action according to the music. When the person on the stage  stops the tune everybody re-positions in their chairs and starts listening his discourse as if nothing had happened.
Ho! it is amazing to watch. Here  there is no business promotion but  a voluntary action towards the Almighty. There is no artificial smile or tension in the faces of performers, but some kind of satisfaction and happiness instead. The man on the stage was not conducting or ordering, but the audience would  start dancing voluntarily.
The you tube presentation for you all to watch and enjoy: Maharaj performance)


  1. ப்ளாஷ் மாபில் பங்கேற்பது பயிற்சி பெற்றவல்கள். பொதுமக்கள் பங்களிப்பு இல்லை.... பொதுமக்கள் போல் காட்டுவார்கள் அவ்வளவே :))