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Sunday, 29 January 2012


when siblings are around you feel at ease always,
I had a wonderful time with my sisters after a very long time.
We the 3 sisters and my mom planned for an outing for my daughter's getting a plum jos at IBM,
My sister was waiting for me for the past 1 hour near Jayachandra textile to receive us at the T.Nagar station.
Since we could n't get an auto at the right time we got into the train half an hour late.
My sister kept on calling me over my mobile just to ensure that we were on the right track(we used to go by car earlier).
we got down from the train, spotted my sister standing patiently  at the entrance of the jayachandra textile , waved her hand and smiled at us joyfully,
and asked,' hey why are you so late? any thing went wrong?'
I answered,' no no just we missed 2 trains' how long you have been here?'
" since 1 hour , and the shop-keeper is not allowing me to sit inside"
"ho', I didn't take it seriously
we went for shopping and to a very good hotel and enjoyed thoroughly and came back home.
my daughter asked me' pavam ma Rema ,( she used to address my sister by her name ) , she was waiting for us quite a long, how long she was waiting for us in the station ma?'
I said without hesitation" hi some what 1 hour"
then only I realised ONE HOUR ! waiting on the streets alone , that too  receiving us with a warm smile!!!
Tears came rolling from my eyes.


  1. well said... siblings are a gift...that too sisters are much more special...;)

  2. @appavi thangamani
    Thanks for your comments. Yeah, sisters are great!!! One has to experience it to know it. Keep visiting my blog :)