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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I hide my tears in my smile

I hide my tears in my smile:

I came across this phrase just now. It kindled my thoughts further,
I recollected the occasions when I smiled and did I hide my tears.I used to be a cry baby and I could not control my tears even for the sake of others.......but,
when I joined the new college leaving my best school friend(she joined in some other college) trying to show her that I am not missing her. Ego?????
when my eldest sister bid us goodbye after her marriage, leaving Coimbatore for Madras( then)since it is a good occasion tears were  not encouraged.
on leaving my girls at PSBB school on the first day of school, then I have become a dutiful mother so I should not cry!!!!!!!!
when my daughters left for Germany for higher education.....................
but is it true that I hide my tears in my smile?
I tried but the audience has to acknowledge it........

It is always difficult to hide your tears in smile( like the Great Actor Shivaji Ganesan)
two extreme emotions in one's face at a moment......
but you can really enjoy this expression when an Innocent child cries and if you give  him/her a candy immediately a big smile will emerge.
ho! a great treat watch , otherwise it is very difficult to hide one emotion on the other .

 Dear readers, please share your experiences too!


  1. asho....! so sweet...! nice post.

  2. Thank you Meera.This phrase was introduced to me by Anish!!!!
    I too like this photo very much.