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Monday, 21 May 2012

Empty nester

This phrase which I heard recently has kindled my thoughts.
Oh !no !it is not
 It is an exaggerated version of loneliness of a couple after their children have flown  away from their nest.
Just watch birds,
There is always a happy chirping noise in the bird’s nest like a house full of little ones.

The parent birds will feed their younger ones in their nest.                  
Again and again it will do the same job now and then fondly as if it does not have any other work than feeding the young ones.
Sometimes these parent birds will not even feed themselves.
Moreover it will safeguard them from the enemies (crows???) , tooth and nail.
One fine day we will notice that there will be no chirping noise from the nest.
Yes, it all moved away leaving the nest empty.
Oh! No! it is a haunted feeling.
 But , then I noticed that the parent birds as well as the young ones( no more young now) will fly happily along with their flock s in their own well defined  path
They all will be either in a same flock or a different one. But moving very happily in the sky( hope you would have also noticed!!!)
So , my conclusion is there is no empty nester scenario at all. (Great relief!!!)
The nesting is a temporary scene and the happy flying with their flocks is the real scene.
Hence, even if our children have moved away from homes there is no emptiness rather we all going to fly with our own clan happily and ever after.
Home sweet home concept will never change since home is not a nest which is constructed with rubbish
But a home is built on emotional bonding which will stay ever after.


  1. Awesome post. Very very well-worded. Bring out the emotions quite well :)

    1. Thanks Aishu, you are always a very supportive child

  2. Well said akka! I always thinks animals and birds didn't expect anything in return from their young ones. After they were grownup and go in different directions these parent folks will go on with their life as usual (Sitha pragyargal).

    But we human beings alone expect our children to look after us in return for our service. It is not service, it is really selfishness.

    1. Thanks a lot Meera, you are the first person to whom I have sent this new post.

  3. akka, please remove word verification from your comment box.

  4. profile page is nice akka. pls visit appavi thangamani's site.

    a great pleasant surprise for you (us)

    1. Yes, it is nice to hear that she is once for all settling down in India.

  5. brilliant, and loved the pictures.

  6. I have shared an award with you !, pls visit my site in your free time.

    Congrats ! (me the first) :))


    1. @ Meera
      Hi, Thanks a lot. I am very much happy about receiving my first award from a very good versatile writer.this is motivating me to write more.

      once again thank you!

  7. I came to your blog through thanaithalavis blog. This post envokes lot of thoughts. This kind of life style is followed in western countries and now began to show up a lot in india.

    Lot of pros and cons are there in this kind of style. But now a days we must prefer to follow this .

    thanks for a nice thoughtful post

  8. @LK
    welcome to my blog.Thanks for your valuable comments.

    visit again!

  9. very nicely written, i wont call empty when my boys leave for college