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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


This beautiful blog award is given by the real versatile blog writer  Mrs.Meera ( the proud host of .
Thank you very much Meera. Iam delighted to receive this from a very good writer who is popular for her humorous writing. 

Though I started blogging in 2011 now only  I have involved myself very much . I am yet to follow other's blogs though I do follow a few interesting  and established bloggers like, L.K, Mrs.Usha srikumar, pattani sundal, Mrs.Mano Swaminathan, petaldew , many are introduced through my sister  Meera.

Let me share a few things about me with you all friends:
I am basically  interested in all worldly things , a big nature lover.
I love all types of art but carnatic music is very much close to my heart.
I believe that Life is a celebration ,try to make it colourful as far as I  can.
I do believe that everything is 'AVAN SEYAL,(GOD is great)
I am trying to use eco-freindly products in day to day life .

 I do share this award right now with 2  upcoming bloggers whose writings are really versatile and commendable and let me find  some of the other 3upcoming bloggers to whom I shall share this award soon. Aishwarya is basically a very good writer. Her analysis of events are different . She truly represents the modern blog world with open mind. I am happy in sharing this award with her. :  She is a nature lover like me. She gives very authentic information about all beauty products and very useful beauty tips also. I am very much happy in sharing this award with her for her dedication and hard work in finding information.
I am starting my Tamil blog very soon with good information. The passion for writing in tamil is kindled by none other than our Thanaithalaivi. Thank you Meera.All the best to my fellow award sharers.


  1. Congratulations on recieving the Award...May many a recognition follow suit!

  2. Thank you so much. I am delighted to have your wishes

  3. WOW! Congrats. You deserve this award for your beautiful writing. Reading your posts is like soft breeze touching our cheeks. Look forward to reading more. Luv - PetalDew