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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Finish everything!!!!!!!!!! With love (order)

I recently attended a function.  It was a 60th birthday-celebration. Most of my relatives and friends who attended it were all of age between 50 + to 70+
Everybody wished the birthday girl!!!!!!!!! And slowly went for lunch.
The lunch was elaborate and the basic items were served before anybody could sit.
The food was good with 3 varieties of sweets, fruits and what not.
When curd was served, it was announced that nobody should waste anything and all should consume everything that was served in their plates.
I could easily notice the sudden discomfort arising in the faces of some of the elders.
I became furious! What a host? It is a well accepted truth that one should never waste food. But we have to understand the meaning behind it.
When the food was not served before itself or it is in a buffet,  then the concept holds. But if it was served without our consent and if we are forced to consume it , it is more of a punishment than a treat!!
A small survey. If we take food even after it is served in our plate(with consent), and we find it some- what very spicy or very hot or very sweet,  we cannot consume it. If we eat it unwillingly, it will do more harm than good to our body. We, the custodian of our body masses, it is our duty to safeguard it.
Then is it right to waste food???
No, no, certainly not.
Majority of our folks know the fact that we should never waste food. But sometime if we are forced to leave some remaining in our plate, let us see what happens next!
the left- overs will be thrown outside and which will happily be consumed by cows , dogs, ants and other living creatures and it will not do any harm to their body.
Hence the conclusion is, one should not waste food consciously and also not be forced to consume more than his or her body requirements. Left_ over  will  always be consumed by other living creatures.
That too children who do not know how much he should eat and elders who does not know how much their body will accept, should never forced to finish everything, if at all they feel it is too much for them at that time.
Dear friends, do not force old people  and kids to finish everything in their plate completely . Try to understand their body and if you want to be really good to them ,please stand by them and serve personally to avoid wastage.


  1. Awesome post again:)

  2. Thanks dear pattani sundal. there is a surprise for you Please check my next blog

  3. mummy always tell the kid,"finish off everything or else you'll be finished off...!" :))

    I totally agree with you akka.

  4. Very true. Here, where I live I feel guilty when there are leftovers and I end up throwing it. Unlike India there are no cows and dogs to feed the leftovers. But I do feed the leftovers to the birds that visit our backyard.