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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


The  (sad) story of an Inverter

 We need to buy a generator.
 The power cut in Madras (before the name change to Chennai) is very heavy, especially  in a place like Chromepet!
Let me see.
Children have come to 10th std. We need to buy a self starting generator(next advancement)
Let me try
Hey! This emergency lamp is not useful anymore.  See the children are studying even during night. Let us buy an inverter (by this time inverter is a new concept)
Generator is better……… let us buy one
The Government has officially declared 2 hours power cut. When the children come back from college it is very difficult if they have to sit without fan.  We need to buy one inverter NOW.
Let us see the performance in others’ houses and then decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Hey, literally we are experiencing 4 hours of power cut.  We really need to install one inverter. High time.
 We should not live in luxury let us face the hardship like anybody else.
See,  when our daughter comes from office it is highly difficult for her to  cope up with the power cut since our slot is 4 to 6……….
Ok let us go and buy one.
The amount  was paid in full and the electrician was asked to install it the very next day ,THE ’D’  DAY  WAS 30TH OF MAY
Then the announcement came on TV that there would  not be  2 hours power cut HERE AFTER , it was going to be reduced to one hour!!!!!!!!!!
It’s ok  ! Now we are  waiting for that precious one hour to cherish  the “there- is-still-power-supply-in-OUR- LIVING- ROOM” scene!!


  1. now no power cut at all ! ah...ah..ah... nice investment!

  2. The sad story of an invester ! :)))

    1. I like this comment( from the heart of the sad investor!!)

  3. superb pictures mummy!! And I see, you have started tagging your posts. Great job:)

  4. Ha Ha Ha... Nice anecdote.