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Saturday, 2 April 2011


Hi spotted the sweety  beauty Barbie pink  sugar candies
The charm of the cloudy pink foggy soft candy in a lengthy stick is the centre of attraction of children
Hey let me brief about the situation
This is  one of the big  family’s wedding reception
Me and my family had gone in good attire
I badly wanted to have one
 But how!
People  of my age are not supposed to eat candies at wedding reception
After wishing the couple we went to the dinning hall
But heart was on the pinkies
My decency didn’t allow me to have one along with the kids
I was thinking widely and kept some space in my stomach hoping to have one candy at last
The dinner was superb and it was time to
 We went to the car park 
I was curiosly watching the candy crowd
 I stepped into the car
 Hey mummy here is your favourate
 My sweet daughter pushed one BIG PINK CANDY in my hand and also one green balloon I was longing for
I comfortably sat inside the car ate the candy holding the balloon on the other hand  and asked my daughter “ how do you know?”
“There is always child in every adult ma”


  1. You can eat the candy in the reception holding the balloon in the another hand, no problem everyone loves to do it.But, hesitate as you did. So, if you give a start everyone will follow you.

    You will be a beginner of bringing out the kid in everyone. Next time surely try this. You will be praised as a torch bearer in this formal world.