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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Our Desi paper boys(bowlers)

Cricket is in our blood
 We the Indians,  rich or poor young or old, are born cricketers
I was quite amazed by the paper thrown by the paper boy
He puts a rubber band around the paper so neatly and through it from outside of our gate to our sit -out
 On the first day of this new paper boy I was quite annoyed by his action
 ‘ how can he do this ? that too to my house”
We are the loyal paper buyers for so many years
I watched him the second day furiously
He threw
Oh what is this  Iam not stupid
Iam paying for this service
The next day I called him and said’ see you should not do this ,you are supposed to hand over this or keep it on the bench out side as done by the previous boys
“ ok mam”
I  immediately felt so good “ see Iam   a conscious consumer I know my rights’
But the days to come the same thing happened
That week end I was sitting on the sit-out and sipping my hot tea
I saw him folding the paper nicely and from outside he threw the paper to upstires balcony without fail
 Oh amazing what a distance and what a calculation
And I noticed the joy of the correct throw in his face
 And he prepared another one for my house without noticing me, his hands were lifted for another throw
 But on seeing me watching he stopped abruptly
I  spontaneously waved my hands  as if Iam giving him permission
 Oh  he was overjoyed and with a good aim he threw the paper
And…………….it landed on my hand correctly
See , that is why I made the statement that we the Indians are born criketers

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